Market update

25 May 2021

We saw good returns over the past few months. The annual growth rate of the ALSI was 54%. The ALSI moved between 65000 and 68000 points. The interesting thing was that our investment figures reflected less of this volatility. The fund values gradually increased.

Local Business invested in their own activities and we see that in the growth in export figures.
Our Balanced Fund investments showed returns of up to 40% since the Covid hit on March,18 2020. Government Bonds delivered a return of up to 16%.

Property Portfolio is still out of favour as the return dropped to -50% since March,18 2020 although it showed a nice return of 20% since then.

The general feeling amongst portfolio managers, from many unit trust companies, is very positive for steady growth for the next few years.

Please talk to me if you need more info or to discuss your investments. 

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