Market update

25 November 2021

The year is rushing to an end. The markets are as volatile as ever. The returns on our investments are better than expected. The elections brought interesting results. Where do we stand in all of this?

We are still holding our breaths as to how the newly appointed politicians will do, BUT on the investment front the good news keep rolling in. The exchange rate supplies welcome returns on our foreign investment part of our investment.

The Coronation Balanced Plus delivered better than expected returns of 24% for the year.
The regularly used Excelsior Bond delivered 9.96% for the year as well.
The Glacier Moderate Aggressive portfolio did 29.96% for the year.
The Listed Property portfolios are picking up with a return of 28% for the year. It came from a very low base though.

We can rest assured during the festive season that our investments are safe.
May you enjoy a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. 

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