Market update

25 August 2020

The markets treat us well, correction, the portfolio managers are on the ball with their choices inside our investments. The political arena may change a bit though. What we urgently need is a much firmer stance from government. This will have a very positive effect on domestic investors attitude.

Midst the challenges the portfolio managers face, they still focus on outstanding global investments. Local stock market options are cheap, but this will be an option for a little further ahead. The current focus is on strong foreign shares as basis from which good returns are drawn. The exchange rate is helping quite a bit.

I enclosed the returns comparison again:

Liberty Bond+3.02%+8.74%+6.6%+5.88%
Liberty Unlisted Property+6.08%+6.43%+7.48%+5.87%
Liberty Listed Property-52.7%-41.3%-46.3%-45.5%
Coronation Balanced Plus-4.02%+3.83%+7.72%+9%
Coronation Property Equity-52.4%-35.6%-45.16%-44.57%

The returns we got post the Covid 19 drop in March is exhilarating although we are not at the turning point before the crash yet. The returns curve is comforting at this stage.

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