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28 Feb 2020

The new year started with a BANG! The Rand fluctuated seriously because of the New Year’s hype, Brexit and now the Corona virus. Underlying worries are still in our minds though. We are still in line for a downgrade from Moody’s. The Budget speech was actually quite user friendly.

Our investment portfolios surprised us though.

Bonds are outperforming many a portfolio at this stage. The downgrade might bring even better returns. The balanced funds did surprisingly well too. The above 10% growth over the past 12 months is not to frown upon.

The listed property funds frustrated as none of the regular good news came through last year.

Good news surfaces everywhere. The inflation rate is the lowest in many years. Interest rates are very favourable on loans. Overall our countrymen and woman reduced their personal debt substantially.

It looks like a year to grab and get 20plenty!

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